Nana to Kaoru Chapter 89(111)


We’re DONE!!!! I’m doin the happy dance and you can direct all thanks to my esteemed co-worker shark for sticking it out to get the backlog caught up despite his RL commitments. So now that we’re caught up expect a slow down and we’ll try to get to the next chapter when it comes out. For the time being enjoy!

Edit: Thanks in no small part to the endless(and frankly way over my head) work of Boz we now have our own bot in the #freetime IRC room. For those of you who do the xdcc thing there is that method avaliable now and the packlist is populated with all the currently released version of the back chapters (minues 103 and 104), all the NtK Arashi releases and all Freetime released chapters of Toushie no Hito.


Nana to Kaoru Chapter 84(106)


Ok fans. Another treat and and another chapter for your viewing pleasure. Before you start getting all happy and doing the dance be well forewarned it will not always be like this. Shark just happens to have some extra time on his hands and I’m matching him in the work department so it means you get releases. Things will change as they always do but as the blog says, we do our own thing.